The Meritage Centre offers a "hot desk" option for individuals and teams looking for a short-term, co-working office environment for professionals needing a place to work on a full- or half-day basis. These "hot desks" are located in the common area of the Meritage Business Centre.

The Meritage Business Centre is the perfect professional co-working facility for the home office user, the mobile executive, or the expanding company. Our business center is over 1600 square feet of warm and inviting co-working space. It is a safe and secure, fully furnished office space, equipped with desks, tables, chairs, and small kitchenette.

Hot Desks Starting at $150 per month

Semi-Private Offices & Conference Room Starting at $225 per month

Private Office & Conference Room Starting at $325 per month

Meritage Centre is located in Douglasville, Georgia; serving as a premier provider of unique office space. For more information about any of the Meritage Centre Douglasville business center use, call or click to schedule a consultation with one of our office specialists.